List of Works


Solo instruments

Prayer, Tribute to Edward Said, for solo clarinet, 2003 (Syria)

Self Mirrored, for solo piano, tape and video, 2007 commissioned by pianist Kathy Tagg (South Africa)

Waiting for Friday, for solo piano, commissioned by the Eduard Van Beinum for Pianist Marcel Worms (Netherlands) 2011

It’s About Time, for solo harp, commissioned by harpist Bridget Kibbey (USA) 2012

How Many Will It Take? for violin (or cello, or clarinet) and electronics, commissioned by Cornelius Dufallo, 2012

Chamber works and Multimedia

If You See Something, Say Something, for clarinet, tape and video 2007

Ibn Arabi Postlude, for clarinet, violin, viola, cello and Piano (also a trio version is available, clarinet, cello, piano), 2005, commissioned by Jane O’Hara (Ireland)

Walls and Towers, for clarinet, violin, viola, cello and tape, 2009, commissioned by Juilliard’s Beyond The Machine festival (USA)

Five Flying Dutchmen, for clarinet, oboe, bassoon, bassclarinet and alto-saxophone, 2012, commissioned by Calefax reed quintet (Holland)

A Scattered Sketchbook, for clarinet and violin (or two clarinets), 2012, commissioned by Romie de Guise-Langlois (Canada)

Songs for Days to Come Vol I , for clarinet, voice, cello and piano, 2015. commissioned by Lenore Davis for St. Urban concert series, New York (USA)

Songs for Days to Come Vol II , for clarinet, voice, cello and piano, 2017. commissioned by Lenore Davis for St. Urban concert series, New York (USA)

Don’t Repeat After Me, for string quartet, tape and video ,2015 (USA)

The Fence, The Rooftop And The Distant Sea, for clarinet and cello, 2016 commissioned by the Elbphilharmonie for Yo-Yo Ma.

In The Element, for Clarinet and String Quartet, 2017, commissioned by the Apple Hill String Quartet (USA)

Prelude, for Oboe solo, 2017, commissioned by Saal Boulez for Gregor Witt (Germany)

Ibn Arabi Recitation, for choir and clarinet,  2018,  commissioned by Classical Movements

Grounded, for clarinet and string quartet, 2018, commissioned by Quatuor Voce (France)

Lead sheets

Rituals, Ink, Airports, 139thst, Solo for Two, Evening, Get up, Truth in Mirror, November 22nd, Wedding, In the middle of East, Yasmine, Dance, Jisreen, 


Improv for Orchestra, for symphony orchestra, 2006

Suite for Improvisor and Orchestra (also available in chamber orchestra and string orchestra)  (139th street, Novemebr 22nd, Wedding) 2007

Fantasy in Three Characters, for clarinet, voice and symphony orchestra, commissioned by the Morgenland Festival (Germany), 2010

Ibn Arabi Suite, for solo clarinet, voice and syphony orchestra, commissioned by the Osnabruck Symphony Orchestra. 2013

Flute Concerto, for flute and string orchestra, 2014, commissioned by Melissa Richmond for Claremont, NH’s 250th anniversary.

Concertino Grosso, for clarinet, violin, mandolin/guitar, percussion and strings. Commissioned by the Knights Orchestra (USA)


Rigodon, feature film by Keith Sicat and Sari Dalena, 2005 (Phillipines/USA)

Not for Sale, short film by Mariam Keshavarz 2005 (Iran/USA)

Rodage, feature film by Nidal al-Dibs, 2008 (Syria)

Generation 9/11, documentary by Nigel Nobel 2010 (USA)

The Light in Her Eyes, documentary by Julia Meltzer and Laura Nix, 2011 (USA)

Theater and Dance

The Horse, a play directed by Naila al-Atrash, 2000 (Syria)

Consequences, a dance performance by Mey Sefan, 2007 (Syria)

The Tempest, a play directed by Nona Ciobanu, 2008, (Romania)

The Flight of the Ibis, a play directed by Beth Greenberg, 2011 (USA)