Kinan Azmeh (clarinet), Dima Orsho (voice), Issam Rafea (oud)

The name of this ensemble says it all: Hewar (Dialogue in Arabic). It is an attempt to transcend the barriers of musical disparities and misconceptions. This is achieved through a unique musical exchange between different musical personalities (using each individual instrument as the only means of this musical communication), reflecting an approach that is as musically-based as much as it has social and political references and subtexts. Bringing together an amazingly fresh and diverse musical palate and influences, and drawing from an array of musical traditions, namely Arabic, jazz, scat, opera and classical music; is what makes it a truly unique venture. The band, building on the acclaimed individual talents of each of its members, juxtaposes and meshes these musical styles to create a truly one-of-a-kind genre-breaking music. The musician-personality driven approach, justifies Hewar’s ostensibly strange and eclectic line-up comprising Oud, Clarinet, Cello and Soprano. This makes for a distinctively unique sound, a sound that allows for an open-ended dialogue between Arabic music, jazz and western classical melodies, a conscious decision by the band’s members.